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In the southern hemisphere, summer time is our winter and vice versa. When is the best time to go? The answer is: it's always a good time to go! For diving, at different times of the year you may see different migrating animals ranging from Whale sharks to Turtles, as well as an abundance of 'usual' reef inhabitants. For safaris, the animals are around all year and the experienced trackers and rangers will be able to guide the game drives to get the most out of your trip. See our dive calendar to give you an idea of what animals are around at different times of the year.


Some of the dive areas we offer are challenging and you need to be suitably qualified. We will inform you of the requirements prior to booking.

Recompression Chambers

South Africa has well-developed medical facilities including recompression chambers at Cape Town, East London and Durban. Mozambique is less developed and diving casualties have to be evacuated to South Africa for treatment. The Seychelles has 1 chamber in Mah�, Mauritius has 3 including a mobile one run by the coastguard. Zanzibar has a chamber on the island supported by several dive centres. Ensure your diving insurance covers this or think about joining an organisation like DAN (Divers Alert Network).


Travelling through southern Africa holds no risks if you are sensible. Many people seem to get a 'holiday head' when they go abroad, being careless with their personal belonging and themselves. In general, do not keep large quantities of cash in your wallet/purse (credit cards are widely accepted and bank machines are available so you do not need to take that much cash with you); split cash up and keep it in several places in your luggage; do not wear a lot of expensive jewellery; use lodge safes where available otherwise keep valuables locked in your luggage; don't tell strangers your room number and don't invite strangers into your room; keep to well populated areas, especially after dark. A rule of thumb is 'don't do anything you wouldn't do at home'!


Malaria is probably Africa's foremost widely spread disease and in most regions of Africa you should take protective and preventative measures. Particularly when visiting Mozambique, Botswana and Zambia during the rainy season it is advisable you take some form of prophylactic drugs. Always get the latest advice from your doctor or a Tropical Diseases Hospital at least a month before travel. Whilst there, cover up and use a mosquito repellent between dusk and dawn, and a mosquito net at night.

Travel Insurance

Always ensure you have a comprehensive travel insurance policy which covers you for repatriation home and if you are diving ensure it covers you to the depths you anticipate diving to. Remember to take copies of your policy together with emergency contact telephone numbers.


GB�, US$, �, SA Rand are widely accepted or exchanged in the countries we feature, and most major credit/debit cards are accepted. It is not advisable to purchase large amounts of other currencies (such as Mauritian or Seychelles rupees) and in some cases local currencies are restricted meaning you can only get them in the country (Mozambique meticais, Zambia kwacha).

Special requests

We endeavour to fulfil every special request but if this is not possible we will inform you prior to travel. In general vegetarian options are available at lodges and hotels.


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Banana seller, Mozambique

Leopard at Sabi Sands, South Africa

Ragged-tooth shark at Protea Banks, South Africa

Victoria Falls swimming pool - right at the edge!


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